WOW WOW Labradoodles

Our Guardian Program

What is a Guardian Home?

Our Guardian Program is a kind of dog-sharing arrangement where a Guardian family would raise the puppy as their family pet, and we would co-own the dog for a period of 2-3 years, during which time we would breed and whelp 2-3 litters from her.
WOW WOW Labradoodles would pay for all expenses related to breeding and the Australian Labradoodle would be returned to our home for each breeding (3-5 days), and then whelping (6-8 weeks).
After whelping 2-3 litters (and by the age of 3 years), the Autralian Labradoodle would be spayed (or neutered in the case of a male) at our expense and total ownership would be transferred to you.
The Guardian family would receive the puppy at a minimal cost and be responsible for expenses related to regular health maintenance and daily upkeep. The arrangement would offer our puppy the opportunity to live as a pampered pet, while providing us diversity in our breeding program. 


Three to Five days

Becomes Your Dog After:

Two to Three litters or Three Years of Age


Six to Eight weeks


How to Become an
Australian Labradoodle Guardian

Health Requirements

- Be willing to follow our recommendations for the dogs basic health and veterinary care (vaccines, medications, emergency care, etc.)
- Provide copies of all medical records within 1 week of receiving care (routine visits/medical care)
- Keep other intact dogs (not neutered or spayed) off your premises to prevent unwanted mating
- After 2-3 litters and by the age of 3 years, the dog will be spayed or neutered at our expense and ownership transferred to you 

Keeping in Touch

- Reside within a 1 hour driving distance of Humble, Texas
- Be willing to openly communicate with us about matters related to the dog
- Allow us to visit your home and be willing to visit our home so the dog stays familiar with us (very important so the dog will be comfortable breeding and whelping here) 
- Provide updated pictures and information at least every 6 months

Home & Well-Being

- Not anticipate a job transfer or other event that would move the dog beyond the 1-hour distance from Humble, TX. for the contract duration
- Preferably, not work outside the home (or only part-time) so the dog would not be left alone for long periods of time
- Provide socialization and basic obedience training
- Have a fully secure fenced yard

Contract Agreement

- Understand and agree that the dog will return here for breeding and whelping. Breeding will not occur more often than once a year unless otherwise agreed by both parties
- After 2-3 litters and by the age of 3 years, the dog will be spayed or neutered at our expense and ownership transferred to you  

Become a Guardian

Please let us know if you are interested in becoming a Guardian to one of our amazing Australian Labradoodles. If you meet our qualifications, we can arrange a meeting to get acquainted and answer any questions.

Send us a message or Give us a Call.